Patient Transport Systems

Number 1 in the world for customised patient and goods transport


Patient transport

Bed transport systems for existing or new hospital beds. Thanks to our bed movers, we offer customised solutions that noticeably ease the work of your staff and reduce absenteeism.

Goods transport

Easy and simple transport of linen trolleys, food trolleys, pharmacy cabinets, technical trolleys, etc. Our customised coupling systems make it possible to transport just about any roll container.

Maintenance of beds

The ideal aid that makes the maintenance, repair or cleaning of hospital beds a lot easier, while protecting your back.

Transfer aids

Reduce the physical strain of hospital staff when transferring patients from a stretcher to a bed and vice versa. It requires practically no effort, and looks after your back.

We go further than the rest to find the perfect solution for you.

Everything customised

No two devices are the same. Everything is expertly studied and specifically customised to your needs, developed and manufactured by us.


At PTS, supplying high quality products is our lifeblood. We professionally manufacture the majority of our equipment in-house, and it is always thoroughly tested before leaving the factory.


When we develop our products, everything is based around staff on the work floor. The ergonomically developed control system takes away all physical strain. That means your back, shoulders, arms and wrists are protected.

Audit and measurement

To provide you with perfect service, we visit your premises to carry out a professional audit. We also always take measurements, so that with the right information, we can get started on finding the ideal solution for you. Request your FREE audit at:


Are you interested in a specific device, and would you like to see it in operation? Then we would be delighted to visit your premises to provide a demonstration. Send a no-obligation email to:


Has the new device been delivered, but you don’t know how it works? If so, you can call on our experts to provide on-site training. Contact us at: