Revolutionary Air Transfer System

Thanks to the revolutionary Hovermatt® Air Transfer System, mattresses with patients on them 'float' as it were, so that caregivers can safely transfer a patient without lifting or great effort. And patients lie safely and comfortably. This system can be used throughout hospitals, and also ensures a better image for your hospital. Moreover, with the Hovermatt® Air Transfer System, you don't have to make expensive changes to your hospital's infrastructure.

Increases your standard of care and use

The Hovermatt® system has been specially developed to make patient "handling" easier and more comfortable. It is easier for the staff on the work floor, because they no longer have any extra load or strain when transferring a patient. It is also comfortable for patients themselves, as they are transferred gently and safely. The Hovermatt® system is also extremely suitable for transferring obese patients.

Hovermatt® transfer mat

The ideal choice for laterally transferring and repositioning patients. By pumping air into the HoverMatt® Transfer mat, the mattress is transformed into an air cushion. That way, you can easily transfer patients from stretcher to bed without effort, for example. The patient lies safely in a stable position and is not at risk of additional injury.

Hover air pump

Compact and powerful pump with stainless steel housing. Portable model suitable for any type of Hovermatt®. Extremely easy to use. The Hover air pump can be connected in just a few seconds, gently blowing the required air into the mattress in a short period of time. And for easy transport, you can place the Hover air pump in the practical storage trolley. This can be added to your order for the Hover air pump.

Its advantages at a glance


Protects the back and avoids staff absenteeism

Comfortable for patients

Can move loads up to 500 kg

Can be used throughout hospitals

Affordable and flexible system

Rapid transfer in just a few seconds

Working life up to 10 years