PTS - pioneer in developing the Bed Mover

PTS was the pioneer in developing a device intended to automate the transport of beds as much as possible. A revolutionary idea was born for an as yet non-existent market, and in 1997 we launched the 1st Bed Mover in the Benelux, from our base in Sint-Niklaas. Ergonomics and efficiency improvements were key to the development of the Bed Mover, which took away all the physical strain of the work of hospital staff.
This basis was later extended into the development of new products. Each new development needed to achieve the same result: to make the work in hospitals easier for staff, and do this in an ergonomically responsible way so that backs, shoulders, arms and wrists were protected. As a result, we became the leading specialists in internal transport solutions for the medical sector. We are now active in 35 countries worldwide.

PTS remains your ideal partner for manufacturing equipment which is specifically tailored to your hospital. We are unrivalled in that respect!


We keep the development and manufacturing of our equipment in-house. As such, we have built up expertise over more than 20 years and we offer a specific, customised solution to every brief.


Maintaining any PTS device is essential to ensure a long life span. If you want to rest assured of effective maintenance, ask to see our maintenance contract terms and conditions, without obligation. That way, your device will remain in perfect condition.

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Our devices offer high quality. If minor repairs are nonetheless necessary after a while, our in-house technicians will pay you a visit. Would you like to make an appointment? Contact our helpdesk.

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Environmental programme

Taking a sustainable approach to its business, PTS manages the recycling of its equipment in-house. For the cost of an environmental contribution, you can always contact us with your obsolete or end-of-life devices. You are then safe in the knowledge that these devices will be professionally disassembled.


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