Multi-functional – the name says it all

The Functional Mover is a compact, manoeuvrable and high quality device that we can offer at a competitive price. You can attach this mover in seconds to your fully loaded linen carts, food trolleys, transpallets and much more. This tough little device effortlessly pulls its load forward.

Ergonomics is also a key concern with the Functional Mover

Operating the Functional Mover is very simple. The control panel is extremely intuitive. And thanks to the specially developed ergonomic handle and the movable arm, your arms, shoulders and wrists are never strained.

Can always be adapted to any load

Like all our other devices, this compact device can be specifically tailored to the needs of your hospital. Together with you, we look into what your staff on the work floor needs, in order to propose the ideal solution.

Wherever you go, the Functional Mover is right behind

The Functional Mover is handy to use in more confined areas. This is thanks to its compact size and short turning radius. In addition, it is a cheaper alternative to other heavier devices. Thanks to its durable battery, the Functional Mover won't let you down.

Its advantages at a glance


Universally connectable to any type of trolley

Can be used anywhere on slopes, throughout departments, and even lifts

Always adaptable and customised to your hospital

Up to 2,000 kg pulling force

Can handle gradients up to 15%

360° turning radius

Extended warranty up to 5 years

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