A different way of supporting and moving

This Fixed Mover can be universally coupled to various types of trolleys. Also useful for, e.g., your technicians who have to push heavy trolleys containing equipment through corridors. Once the Fixed Mover is mounted under the trolley, your technician can easily operate it with the remote control.

Extremely easy operation

Using the remote control and controlling the Fixed Mover is very straightforward. You can either leave the remote control on the trolley or hold it in your hand and walk freely next to the trolley.

Developing ergonomic benefits, also with the Fixed Mover

In developing every device, we always think first and foremost about the future user of the device and how we can best assist them in their work. As such, we developed the idea of also making the handle of the remote control adjustable. This is another way to avoid straining wrists and ensure ease of use for every member of staff.

Its advantages at a glance


Universally connectable to any type of trolley

Can be used anywhere, in rooms, the department as a whole, and the lift

Can always be decoupled

Up to 2,000 kg pulling force

Can handle gradients up to 15%

Direct drive

Extended warranty up to 5 years

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