The PTS Bed Mover - our showpiece

The PTS story started with the Multi Bed Mover. We are still proud of the fact that we were the driving force behind the development of this device. Over the years, working together with our contacts in hospitals, we have continually reinvented our P4 Bed Mover.

A never-ending story

The optimisation process is a continuous project for us We continually challenge ourselves to keep thinking on the same wavelength as our customers and closely follow the latest innovations. That's what keeps our Bed Mover on top of the world.

A device for universal use

The Bed Mover can be connected to any type of bed, stretcher or wheelchair. The device can be used anywhere in hospital rooms, departments and lifts. It is the only modular bed mover in the world. And the built-in battery lasts for at least a full day. Finished work for the day? Then it's time to recharge the Bed Mover.

Ergonomics is at the heart of PTS' approach

Thanks to the Bed Mover, pushing and pulling beds with patients on them is a thing of the past. You barely need to exert any effort. This avoids straining backs, shoulders, arms and wrists. Operating the Bed Mover is also very simple. And thanks to the ergonomic handle, you can steer the bed with a patient on it without any effort, and without straining your wrists.

Easy coupling with customised claws

The claws couple to the bed very easily, with a smooth action. The claws can be operated both electrically and manually. And once you have brought the patient to their destination and go back through the corridor with an empty Bed Mover, you can easily fold up the claws.

Connect a Step for longer trips

The Step is ideal for longer trips. The Step can be connected to a hospital bed in a minimum of time. That way, you don't have to travel longer distances on foot, but can comfortably ride on it. We are happy to visit customers to look into how the step can lighten the load for you at work.

Are you interested in our other models of Bed Movers?

We offer a comprehensive range.


kg pulling force


types of beds can be connected


% reduction in physical effort


km range