Transporting heavier loads has never been so easy

The pallet trolley works with the Fixed Mover system. But here a large cage is built on top as standard. You place your load in the trolley and then effortlessly drive away. Because make no mistake, no matter how heavy the load, you can walk next to the trolley with the remote control in your hand and steer the trolley in the right direction with just a gentle push. Another device that makes work easier and lightens the load for your staff.

Easy to load and unload, and the load stays well secured

With the removable bars, you can easily load and unload any items on the trolley. Before loading, you take out the bars on one side and place them in the storage space provided on the side or top of the trolley. Once everything has been loaded into the trolley, you put the bars back in place. This ensures that the load stays on the trolley during transport.

Pallets overloaded with water are a piece of cake

Manually unloading heavy pallets stacked with bottles of water is a time-consuming and, above all, physically demanding task. Once again, the pallet trolley lightens the load for staff. The pallet can be fully loaded straight from a truck onto the pallet trolley.

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