The Hoverjack® has been specially developed to easily and safely lift patients who have fallen. The Hoverjack consists of 4 compartments that are inflated one by one and systematically lift the patient from the floor to the same height as the bed or stretcher. For example, just 2 employees can put a patient who has fallen back in bed, without any physical strain.

The Hoverjack® is also the ideal tool for taking injured people out of a car or for taking disabled or elderly people down the stairs at home or in a hospital. It is also suitable for obese patients. It is a mobile system that can be used throughout the hospital. It ensures maximum comfort for the patient and minimum risk of additional injuries for both the patient and the staff.

The Hoverjack® can also be used in combination with the Hovermatt® transfer mat.

Hover air pump

Compact and powerful pump with stainless steel housing. Portable model suitable for any type of Hoverjack®. Extremely easy to use. The Hover air pump can be connected in just a few seconds, gently blowing the required air into the mattress in a short period of time. And for easy transport, you can place the Hover air pump in the practical storage trolley. This can be added to your order for the Hover air pump.

Its advantages at a glance


Protects the back and avoids staff absenteeism

Comfortable and safe for patients

A minimum of staff required to lift the patient

Safe transport in the event of evacuation

Up to 500 kg can easily be moved

Can be used throughout hospitals

Working life up to 10 years