The youngest scion of the family - but the toughest

Like all our other PTS devices, you can connect this device in just a few seconds. The unique feature of this small compact device is that it can both push and pull loads. For example, it can push your roll container or rubbish cart.

Adjustable coupling for customised use

Depending on what you want to transport with the Pusher, we equip it with the right coupling to fully meet your requirements. We can even equip it with a double coupling system. This allows you to place the Pusher between 2 roll containers while you walk alongside holding the remote control.

Ergonomics remains the hallmark of PTS

For the controls of the Pusher, we also started with the principle that it had to be very simple to operate. And just like with our other devices, we devised an ergonomic handle to rule out any arm, shoulder or wrist problems on the part of your staff. The fact that the bar is also movable makes the device even more user-friendly and ergonomic.

Its advantages at a glance


Universally connectable to any type of trolley

Easy to use

Always adaptable and customised to your hospital

Can handle gradients up to 15%

Extended warranty up to 5 years

Movable bar for greater comfort of use

Up to 2,000 kg pulling force

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