The ultimate solution for "double" patient transport

This motorised wheelchair is ideal for patients who are a little older and whose partner also has difficulty walking. Both take a seat next to each other in this XL wheelchair, and are "transported" like that. Thanks to its powerful motor, the dual load is absolutely no problem. This XL wheelchair is also perfectly suitable for obese patients, thereby lightening the load for your staff.

Various extra features make transport extremely comfortable

The XL wheelchair has a number of user-friendly and practical extra features as standard. For example, it is equipped with a movable footboard, footrests and armrests. You can fold or slide them away if that is easier and more comfortable. And if the patient does indeed need extra support, you can simply fold or extend these features. To ensure the safety of the patient while moving, the wheelchair also has a seat belt. And for the user behind the wheelchair, there is the ergonomic and easy-to-use control panel.

Its advantages at a glance


Ergonomic for staff. Protects the back. Avoids absenteeism.

Comfortable for patients

Up to 500 kg can easily be moved

Can be used throughout hospitals

Affordable and flexible system